April 12, 2014FPD Gymnasium
The Rules


  • A player may use a ball to block the throw of a player on the opposing team. If the referee determines that the ball struck the hand of the player attempting to block the ball, then that player will be eliminated. Also, if the ball that is being used to block an opponent's throw is dropped in the colliding of two balls, the player who dropped the ball is eliminated.
  • If a player chooses to use a ball to block a throw then the instant the two balls collide the ball that was thrown is DEAD. This means if the ball is blocked then continues on to hit the player, then he is NOT eliminated. If the ball strikes the ball and then goes in the air and the player who blocked the ball catches it, the player who threw the ball is not out either.
  • If a ball hits the wall at any time, it will count as though it hit the ground. If someone is hit with the ball and the ball goes up in the air and hits the side of the court, then the player is out.
  • A ball may not be on one team's side of the court for more than 45 seconds. A ball may not be held for more than 15 seconds. A hold is defined as having contact with the ball for two consecutive seconds. Once a ball has been held, the 15-second time limit will not be reset by dropping the ball or any other reason. The only exception to the 45-second rule is if a player is eliminated during the 45-second countdown, then the time limit resets.
  • If the ball hits a player, he is officially still in the game until the ball that hit him/her is dead. A ball is only dead once it makes contact with anything other than players (the wall, the ground, the ceiling, another ball, etc.). If the ball bounces off a player and one of his/her teammates catch it while it is still live, then it will count as a catch.
  • Only one player may be eliminated per throw. If a player attempts to catch a ball that has bounced off another player on his team in attempt to save him/her, then even if he/she touches it and drops it the player that was hit first is out and the player who tried to save his/her team member is still in the game.
  • The only reason that the game would be stopped is if the referee calls timeout to enforce a rule that has been overlooked. There are no timeouts allowed to be called by either team.